How to get a cable technician job, a job that requires no experience

job that requires no experience

Today we’re gonna talk about, how to get a job in the cable company. The first thing is you know a lot of people applying for a job, and a person says “well you’re a nice person but I need someone with experience”. The frustration is how do you get the experience if you can’t get a job to get the experience. 

Well, we will talk today not only how to get the job, but how at the same time to get the experience also. 

I want you to know that cable companies always want to fulfill their needs, and cable business is always busy. If you will look at job posting sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter, you will see those cable companies always hiring new cable technicians. they do not really care if you are with or without experience, offering them training, benefits, etc..

The easiest and fastest way to start working with cable companies is to become an Independent contractor (1099). This is the fastest way to get into business because cable companies want you to start as soon as possible. They want to cover their gaps, and when they hire independent contractors, they delegate to them some responsibilities (we will talk about them later below). 

Cable contractor job breef description

Cable contractor is a job that requires no experience. Most of the companies will offer you training, training usually 3-4 weeks (usually not paid). During this training period, you will be working on the field together with an experienced cable technician. You will perform all daily job activities (equipment installation, wiring, climbing pole, etc.) together. He will explain to you every step until you will be ready to perform a cable job by yourself. After the training, you can start working as an installation cable technician (independent contractor) right away. 

if you will choose an independent contractor (1099) cable technician way, you should have a reliable vehicle (most companies need white color Minivan or Pickup-truck) with 28” fiberglass ladder on top, your own cable installer tools, and be ready to pay taxes by your self.

Once you got all tools, ladders, truck, and your paperwork with the company completed, you will get company badge and you are ready to start your career of cable tech.

Every morning you will go to cable companies Wearhouse, pickup equipment. There you will get instructions from the supervisor, and start rolling to your first customer.

Once you complete your job, dispatch will give you the next one and so on. Your day usually starts at 8 am and ends at 7 pm. During the day you can complete as many jobs as you can. 

As an independent contractor, you will be paid by the job you have done, every company has their own rates per job. 

Alpha Cable is hiring independent contractors almost in every state. We are performing residential installations of Cable TV, Internet, and voice services. 

We offer the best rates, top pay in the market for our independent contractor’s technicians.

If you want to get a cable contractor job that requires no experience. You are experienced cable tech, and you want to work with us, contact us today! 

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